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GPS met Camera ondersteuning.

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Kwam dit zojuist tegen op usenet.

Wie weet er meer van?

"New patent shows a TomTom GPS with integrated camera system

In-car GPS systems are great, but have you ever been driving along and

have it tell you to turn, only to find out that you’re really not sure

where it wanted you to turn? A new patent has surfaced depicting a

navigation system that will use a camera to show you the road as it sees

it, and show you exactly where you need to turn.

The patent was filed by TomTom in December and looks to revolutionize

the way we look at GPS systems. Currently, when we look at a GPS unit we

see a 3D map with lines showing us where the roads are, or at least

should be. The proposed device from TomTom would actually show you the

road as seen from its built-in camera, and use a smart image recognition

system to show your course on the road. The GPS would actually be able

to recognize streets, intersections and turns, and show the course

on-screen as it applies to the road ahead.

We’re not sure how soon we’ll see this technology show up in upcoming

devices. TomTom has shown no hint of developing a device based on this

patent just yet. I can definitely see how a device like this would be a

big hit with consumers."

>>>>>>>>> KLIK <<<<<<<<

"TomTom patents camera-based GPS system

TomTom hopes to soon overlay GPS navigation on a real-world scene,

according to a new European patent. The system described would relay a

camera feed from the front of a car to a GPS unit's screen; a smart

image recognition system would then recognize the roads and

intersections ahead, superimposing directions on top of the video to

help the driver turn based on recognizable landmarks rather than simple

maps or abstracted 3D images. Onscreen data would still exist to keep

tabs on the distance to the nearest turn, the road ahead, and the

current speed.

Filed in December by TomTom's Dutch headquarters, the patent doesn't yet

apply to any known recent or upcoming GPS from the company and provides

no immediate clues as to when it may appear in a shipping product. The

relatively simple design of the system, however, makes it a realistic

option for future TomTom GO devices in the next few years at the latest.

[via GPSBusinessNews, free registration required]"

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